Email Signature Management

Control and manage email signatures on Microsoft Outlook, on webmail and on mobile devices..


ACTIVESIGNATURE email signature management allows you to centralize the employees’ email signatures and hence control the organization’s professional appearance. You can administer email signatures on the Microsoft Outlook client, Webmail and mobile devices. Employee information will be retrieved from e.g. Microsoft Active Directory.

ACTIVESIGNATURE entitles you to manage all email signatures in the organization. You can control email signatures in Microsoft Outlook, in Microsoft Outlook web access and on Mobile devices.

  • Central management of email signatures on Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Web Access and on mobile devices.
  • Assurance that the employees’ email signatures keep the graphical guidelines outlined by the organization.
  • Marketing messages, campaigns, news, and banners can be inserted in the employees’ e-mail signatures.
  • Messages, news, links, and banners can be inserted either date controlled or on a day-to-day basis.
  • ACTIVESIGNATURE can retrieve employee information from Microsoft Active Directory, databases, Microsoft Excel or from other sources.
  • Email signatures are visible for the employees when their write their emails.
  • Possible to have several email signature templates. For instance one for new emails, one for replies/forwards, one for mobile devices and one for Microsoft Outlook Web Access
  • Define font, font size and font color.
  • Different e-mail signatures for different Microsoft Active Directory groups or organizational units.
  • Insert company logo in the employees’ email signatures.
  • Insert disclaimer in the employees’ email signatures.
  • All signatures are administered centrally from the administration tool in Microsoft Outlook.
  • The employees’ own defined email signatures can be overwritten.
  • ACTIVESIGNATURE identifies the sender’s e-mail format (HTML, rich text, plain text) and inserts the correct email signature.
  • Fully automatic deployment to all users.
  • An administrator can allow the employees to update selected fields from Microsoft Active Directory.
  • Possible to centrally manage Out of Office messages.
  • The email signatures follow the employees and thus, it is easier working from different machines.

Email Signature Management

By using ACTIVESIGNATURE, you can easily manage all email signatures and add disclaimers, logo, and marketing messages to all outbound emails. ACTIVESIGNATURE allows you to set up as many signature templates as you want, for instance a template for new emails, a template for replies and forwards and maybe even an email signature template for each department.

Mobile Devices

ACTIVESIGNATURE allows you to manage email signatures on emails sent from mobile devices. In the ACTIVESIGNATURE administration module, you can set up a signature template for mobile devices and the server agent will make sure that all emails sent from the company’s domain on mobile devices will get the correct email signature.


You can easily set up a signature template in ACTIVESIGNATURE that can be used for the users’ Microsoft Outlook Web Access emails. When ACTIVESIGNATURE is installed, the email signature for webmail will automatically appear in the users’ emails when they use webmail.

AD Update

With ACTIVESIGNATURE, you can allow users to update selected fields from Microsoft Active Directory. The administrator can choose if updates made by users will be saved on the users’ Microsoft Outlook profile or in Microsoft Active Directory.

Out of Office

Selected administrators can control the employees’ Out of Office replies and enable them when necessary. The administrators can also control what text should go on the Out of Office replies.


The ACTIVESIGNATURE Word template functionality allows you to update user data on the existing Microsoft Word templates. ACTIVESIGNATURE retrieves user data from Active Directory and inserts the user information the correct places in the Microsoft Word templates.

Technical Requirements & Benefits

General requirements:
  • Needs no installation on the Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Needs no Internet Information Server
  • Needs no SQL database.
ACTIVESIGNATURE supports the following platforms:
  • Client: Microsoft Outlook 2007 or later.
  • Server: Microsoft Exchange 2007 or later.
Requirements for the MOBILE DEVICES module:
  • Server agent which requires installation on the Microsoft Exchange Server