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To ensure that a hybrid workplace will become a benefit for your business, it is crucial to implement user-friendly and frictionless booking solutions.
To create a space for everyone in the workforce to book workspaces and other resources when they like it, where they like it and how they like it.


Secure and scalable
SaaS solution

Fischer & Kerrn’s hosting solution, Concierge Cloud, in Microsoft Azure provides you with a secure, scalable, and super stable booking solution –  both frictionless but also extremely smooth.

Our cloud solution is live monitored and moreover if the load on your environment increases, we automatically add resources, ensuring that your booking software always works brilliantly: Automatic back-ups, the geographic distribution of servers, disaster recovery, and encryption of all data.

Easy and also very efficient.



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Desk 245


10:00 AM - 12:00 AM

Desk Booking Management

• Manage your office space

• Confirm bookings via

• Handling of no-shows

• Book from Desk Panels, Overview Screens, Outlook & Mobile App

• Flexible and intuitive solution

 • Manage your office space     • Book from Desk Panels, Overview Screens, Outlook & Mobile App     • Handling of No-shows

• Flexible & Intuitive solution        • Confirm Bookings via ID-card 

Room Booking Solution

• Book Meeting Rooms

• Digital Signage Software

• Customize Layout 

• Confirm Bookings

• RFID Reader Integration

 • Book Meeting Rooms      • Digital Signage Software      • Customize Layout

• Confirm Bookings          • RFID Reader Integration

Visitor Management

• Guest Registration

• Visitor Cards

• Pre-booking of Visitors

• Improved Security

• Acess Control Integration

 • Guest Registration      • Visitor Cards      • Pre-booking of Visitors

• Improved Security         • Acess Control Integration


 • Cost Center Integration                  • Delivery Rules                   • Book Catering

• Event & Service Booking Software                    • Reporting Possiblities            

• Cost Center Integration 

• Delivery Rules

• Book Catering

• Event & Service Booking Software

• Reporting Possibilities


Need guidance?

Let us help you find the right solution for your company.
Request a demo or reach out and we will get in touch.


Need guidance?
Let us help you!

We can help you find the right solution for your company.
Request a demo or reach out and we will get in touch.

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Who we are

With more than two decades in the business, we’ve created frictionless and unique workplaces for our customers around the globe – by providing them with innovative and user-friendly software booking tools. Professional meeting room booking, event booking and workspace booking systems for Microsoft Outlook and mobile devices changes the way organizations plan meetings and book meeting roomsvisitors and workspaces.

Fischer & Kerrn have been in the workplace optimization and room booking systems business since 1999 and today we have more than 500 satisfied customers that are using CONCIERGE BOOKING SOFTWARE.

You can get in touch with us in offices in Copenhagen, Denmark, London and in New York City. If needed we also have a large network of partners who are ready to assist our customers.

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