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5 steps on how to keep getting delighted visitors



Your visitors will hopefully return for another visit! This happens when they have had a good meeting, a good conversation and a good first, second or third impression. Your visitors demand your service or products because yours are better than your competitors. Or the visitor felt understood and appreciated before, during and after the visit. We know that customer service is important and most of us will do a lot to make our visitors remain. Given this, we have created an inspiration list consisting of five steps. These describe how to welcome your visitors in the best and most beneficial way.


Say “Hi” to your visitors beforehand. 

When you have invited a visitor to a meeting and the visitor has accepted, you have a great possibility to initiate contact and guide before the meeting even starts.

Four small tips that can provide your visitors with valuable information:

Send out an agenda to your visitor. If you do so, it is very clear to the visitor what to expect from the meeting and they can prepare themselves beforehand.

Be aware that the visitor may not have been visiting before. Be thoughtful and send them the address of the building and the directions both by car, bus and bicycle.

Does the visitor need to go to a specific floor to register? And what is the name of the receptionist who will be welcoming the visitor?

For example: Anna Petersen will welcome you to the reception and hand you your visitor card. 

At last, it will be received very professional if a QR-code is sent to the visitor beforehand in order to sign in or open the entry gate. 


You might not think this information creates value, but the visitor now has the best possible overview of what to expect when they arrive.


Hello “First or last name” it is really nice to meet you.

Give a warm and nice welcome to your visitors. Show them that you have been preparing and are ready to meet them by referring to them by their names. Using the name of the visitor is an easy way to make the visitor feel welcome.


Printed visitor cards – We are ready to meet you.

Automatic and easy printing of visitor cards is key! It eases the receptionists’ work and makes the guests feel well met. Your company will be seen as well prepared and professional, which will give the guest a feeling that everything here is well organized.


Register & “your host is coming”.

If the guest registers at a reception monitor or at the reception, the guest must get the message that the host is on its way and ready to meet them. It is not important whether the message is created automatically on the monitor or personally in the reception. The importance is to get the message out, and let the visitor know what will happen next in this “visitor-flow”. 


Have a lovely day & a follow-up email.

We are sure you remember to wish your visitors a lovely day after a meeting, but do you remember to send a follow up email?

Whether it was a customer-, partner meeting, a job interview or something else, the after-phase is just as important as the meeting itself. In the after phase you can affect the experience of your visitors. You can even help and guide them through the process, they may be involved in.  

Some may forget the importance of this phase, but in this phase, you can hold on to customers, keep the communication to a future partner or just give the visitors yet another reason to recommend you to others. 


We hope that these 5 steps gave you some inspiration on how your company can make your visitors feeling even more welcome.

In our free e-books you can read more about visitor management and much more.


What we do

At Fischer & Kerrn we provide Visitor Management Software as a module in our CONCIERGE BOOKING that helps to free up time for your reception staff and makes it easier for them to give a professional welcoming to your visitors. 

Visitor Management Software benefits: 

  • Visitor registration
  • Pre-booking of visitors
  • Notify Host
  • Visitor cards
  • Evacuation report
  • Integrated to access control systems


If you are interested in knowing how Fischer & Kerrn Visitor Management Software can provide your company with a great visitor overview and save you both time and money please let us know and we will arrange a meeting.

How does it work?

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