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How a hybrid workplace can add value: Game-changing room and desk booking solutions



As the modern business world evolves and becomes more and more flexible, we need to upgrade our old ways by using office facilities and resources in a more sufficient and dynamic way. To facilitate this shift, Fischer and Kerrn present a hybrid workplace solution.

The way of working has changed due to the Covid Pandemic. During this time, we were forced to work from home. This created a paradigm shift that forever have disrupted our way of thinking about our work-life balance. We were forced us evaluate the way we think about using different facilities to work from. We could see that working more remotely actually is a great way to increase people’s productivity and overall well-being.

Therefore, we need to have these learnings in mind and be more strategic about how we plan our work week. Adapting the work environment to our everyday life, instead of the other way around is crucial for increasing efficiency and taking care of our overall well-being.

If you want to make an impactful change and create a user-friendly, productive and flexible work experience for your employees,
we suggest a tech-driven office as this is the perfect way to optimize your workflow and ease your day-to-day work life.

What is a hybrid workplace?

In today’s business environment, staff often spend less time at the office – because more employees are working remotely, working more flexible hours, or spending more time in the field.

The hybrid workplace enables you to spend your valuable time on things that really matter! Our booking solutions support the hybrid workplace in the most useful, flexible, and smooth manner. An integrated, tech-driven office creates an elite experience, that will foster employee satisfaction. It will even enable businesses to downsize office square meters. This can be done by managing and gaining valuable insights into occupancy rates – inducing markable brick and mortar savings! 

Innovative room and desk booking for the hybrid office

Flexibility is a key concept within office management and modern businesses have to cater to a much more dynamic work environment than earlier. To ensure that a hybrid workplace will benefit your business, it is therefore crucial to implement user-friendly and frictionless booking solutions.

Room Booking: Effortless conference room displays

As a part of the hybrid workplace, conference room displays are essential. These add a lot of value to any organization. It can be time-consuming and difficult to manage conference rooms, and scheduling meetings and booking meeting rooms. This is an area where there is room for improvement for many organizations. Our room booking solutions are perfect for increasing productivity, making work life easier for your employees, eliminating room sharking, ghost meetings, and much more.

room booking for a game-changing work experience

Learn more: Why Conference Room Displays are important

Conference room displays present booking information in real-time – so you are always up to date with necessary information. The information presented should in some form be personalized to fit your organization’s specific needs.

Fischer & Kerrn offer 4 different conference room displays – so everyone can find a display that fits perfectly into their workplace. The best conference room display solutions connect seamlessly with Microsoft Exchange or Office 365. They provide useful data on conference room utilization, no-shows, and meetings in general.

Desk booking

With flexible desk booking you can create a more agile work environment and reduces the need for office space with up to 30%.

Having an agile workplace has many benefits and one of the cornerstones of agile working is hot-desking. Hot-desking means that employees don’t have a set workspace that is their own but instead potentially work at various desks during the office day. The benefits are limitless! Added value to your workplace may include greater utilization of the physical space, less wasted space and fewer empty desks, as well as a higher level of communication between colleagues, as you work next to different people every day.

 One of the great challenges with desk booking is no-shows occupying the office space. This can create a lot of frustration and waste of resources and office space. We have therefore carefully taken this into account with our desk booking solutions.

Desk Booking Panels

Our Desk Panels is a sleek desk booking solution that fits perfectly into the modern office. A good desk panel solution provides a clear indication of which desks are available. If you have booked a desk in advance the desk panels will display your booking. The desk booking panel can even release a desk booking if the booking hasn’t been confirmed via the panel. Our selection of desk panels are basically designed from the ground-up and matches perfectly with any desk and in any type of office environment.

PIR Sensor and Busy Light

Another easy and flexible hot-desk booking solution that shows availability in an effortless way is the PIR Sensor and Busy Light combination. This is the perfect solution for ad hoc bookings. The PIR sensor is a passive motion detector that uses heat and movement to trigger an activity. This is perfect when integrated with the Busy Light. When you want to occupy a desk, just sit down – the sensor will send a signal to the Busy Light which changes color and shows that the desk is in use.

 This technology makes it easy to occupy desks in a hassle-free manner – as you can book the desk only by placing yourself at the desk. Leaving your booking is just as easy. You just pick up your stuff and leave the desk when you don’t want to use it anymore. This is the perfect, user-friendly solution for the modern, hybrid workspace!


The hybrid workplace has become key when adaption to the new, flexible ways of working and spending time at the office. With our hybrid workplace booking solutions, we have implemented a smarter and more efficient way of optimizing the usage of expensive resources like meeting rooms or desks.

You can save both time and money by implementing a tech-driven approach to manage your workplace and bookings. Having an integrated system to create an overview of available resources, as well as an automatic system for unbooking booked resources around the workplace, creates an opportunity for improving your overall utilization of resources –  for example, the opportunity for eliminating wasted space, enabling downsizing and saving money on unoccupied facilities.

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