Corporate Social Responsibility

Fischer & Kerrn


At Fischer & Kerrn, we work from a corporate platform based upon sustainability, ethics and transparency. Our values are founded in the strongcooperation between Fischer & Kerrn and our global partners, stakeholders and customers. A primary focus area of ours is to ensure a sustainable development of IT technology – now and in the future. As an international IT company, we believe that we have significant responsibility towards ensuring running a business with an essential commitment to environmental and social factors.
We regard Corporate Social Responsibility as an organic and ongoing practice and therefore have a holistic approach to our CSR strategy. We aim to make sure continually rethink and review our strategy in order to meet market demand and development. Corporate Social Responsibility is rooted in the strategical objectives of Fischer & Kerrn combined with other initiatives in the overall activities of the company. Fischer & Kerrn is highly aware of the importance of choosing the right partners and stakeholders with an honest and sustainable business approach. This
means that social responsibility and sustainability are central topics when a new partnership or cooperation is established.

We are persistently working towards creating a sustainable development of IT technology thereby ensuring a constant improvement of environmental and general working conditions. A deep and sincere involvement in our collaboration is an established theme across the organization of Fischer & Kerrn. That is the reason for our persistent aim for feedback from both colleagues, partners and customers. Only through feedback and dialogue, can we improve and optimize work processes and methods. That is the main reason why conversation and dialog is such an important element in our culture and values. At Fischer & Kerrn, we believe that varieties of individual personalities are vital in creating the optimal workforce and the best possible team ethic. This is the reason we regard welcoming strong individuals and strive to meet the need for development, fulfilling of ambitions and wellbeing of employee’s – to ensure that Fischer & Kerrn attract and retain the optimal workforce to meet the demands of customers and business partners alike. We strive to deliver the ultimate result to our customers and business partners. A deep employee involvement furthermore makes Fischer & Kerrn an attractive place of employment. We have substantial focus on family values and believe that being a company welcoming and appreciating a well-functioning private base contributes to the general successful development of Fischer & Kerrn.

We, as IT professionals has a noticeable responsibility of establishing ethical guidance. We are accepting that we have an obligation to our profession and the communities we serve, and do hereby commit ourselves to the highest ethical and professional conduct and therefore – and naturally – agree to reject bribery in all its forms.  

We, at Fischer & Kerrn are the starting point for a responsible supplier management. Consequently we only wish to collaborate with suppliers who obtain a comparable high level of social-, environmental-, and anti-corruption responsibility.

Fischer & Kerrn are dedicated to ensuring that working conditions in our supply chain are safe, that workers are treated with respect and dignity (based on the public regulations regarding Human Rights), and that manufacturing processes are environmentally responsible. We are very aware that we can contribute to human rights including labor rights in general by suppliers e.g. via purchasing practices. Therefore, Fischer & Kerrn will habitually evaluate any adverse impacts it may cause or contribute to through its purchasing, compliance and other supply chain practices – and expect our collaborators to possess and live by a sustainable Code of Conduct as well.

Fischer & Kerrn only wish to collaborate with suppliers who follow our Suppliers Code of Conduct. Thus, we expect them to – at any time – manage and control adverse impacts on human rights including child labor and labor rights in general. We furthermore rely on our suppliers and collaborators to have transparent goals regarding environmental and anti-corruption ethics. Failure to do so may affect the future ability of a supplier to cooperate with Fischer & Kerrn.

The terms of the present Suppliers Code of Conduct applies to all of our collaborators and suppliers and it is their responsibility to ensure that the terms of this Conduct are complied. They are expected to – at any time – cooperate in answering further questions regarding work processes and finally forming systems to cope with adverse impacts on human rights including labor rights, environmental and anti-corruption principles.