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Get data and insights into your office space utilization! This is essential because it allows you to analyze and plan your work week and the general way to run your office. This can e.g. be the number of conference rooms, workspaces you need, and the size of the office space. The right reporting and analytics tool will provide unique and useful data about how people, places, and technology interact within your organization.

Make informed decisions about office space

Base decisions on data instead of gut feeling! This way, you can learn exactly how you are utilizing your office space. Having the exact knowledge of every meeting room /desk booking activity means that you can base your decisions about your office space on tangible insights. This is essential! As an effect, it gives you the opportunity to make informed decisions about office space, meeting rooms, and work spaces. Thereby, you can significantly increase the productivity and workflow in your organization altogether.
Knowing in detail, which meeting rooms, workspaces, or resources are always booked or which employees never show up to their meetings is key! This, in combination with occupancy rates, knowledge about the typical meeting length, the number of people typically attending meetings, provides documentation for strategic decisions. All of the above, are central elements of the hybrid workplace. 

We have updates our reporting and analytics tool

Since we at Fischer & Kerrn know how important data and insights are, we have updated and improved the reporting and analytics tool in Concierge Booking. Now we present data in a user-friendly and simple manner. This will ease the way you interpret and use data information. The new reporting tool delivers all the necessary data you need to manage your workplace resources. Furthermore, you can take out your reports from either MS Outlook, from a web browser, or from a tablet. We present data elegantly and the different user groups get a valuable overview of key factors. These include resource usage, visitors, catering orders, occupancy rates, no-shows etc.

Extract information to different employee groups

All information about your office activity is gathered in one single place. Here, you can extract the information you specificly need. When you work with data it is imperative that complex information is presented in a convenient way. This way is becomes easier to interpret and analyze the data and use it in a beneficial way. With the Concierge Booking reporting tool, you get precise data on what is happening in your office space and reports can be extracted to different employee groups. This means that kitchen personnel, for example, can get a detailed report with everything they need to produce and deliver on that certain day.

Different employee groups need different kind of information. Kitchen personnel needs different data than for example a facility manager does. We know the importance of this, and we have made it easy for all user groups to take out the data they want.

Customize the reports to meet your needs

The Concierge Booking reports tool can both be used on a very strategic level – or a much more pragmatic level. The data can be completely customized to meet your needs. Whether it’s printing a list of all the lunch orders you have a specific day or using the data to plan an expansion of your work space or purchase new conference room technology. The reporting tool can provide key insights and knowledge! Learn about more ways to optimize your office environment by a complete meeting management system. 

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