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Privacy Policy

We at Fischer & Kerrn [Fischer & Kerrn A/S, Fischer & Kerrn Ltd. and Fischer & Kerrn UK Ltd.] are committed to protecting your privacy. This Private Policy applies to both our website, our consultancy services, our support tools and our Software Products (CONCIERGE BOOKING SOFTWARE, BUSINESSMAIL, and ACTIVESIGNATURE). The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to provide a description of the types of information we collect on our websites and in our Software Products – and to confirm that Fischer & Kerrn comply with the US-EU Privacy Shield Framework promulgated by the US Department of Commerce.

We update this Privacy Policy regularly. We will post changes on this page and if the changes are significant we will provide a notice via email if you subscribe to our email newsletter services. If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or our treatment of the personal information you provide us, please write us at

2.1 Information we collect by using our Software Products
Fischer & Kerrn’s Software Products can be used as on-premise solutions or as hosted solutions. ACTIVESIGNATURE and BUSINESSMAIL can only be used as on-premise products. CONCIERGE BOOKING SOFTWARE can be used as either an on-premise solution or as a hosted solution.

2.1.1 Software Products installed on-premise
We do not collect any information when the Software Products are installed on-premise. All information is owned by the customer and Fischer & Kerrn do not have direct access to any data.

2.1.2 Software Products hosted by Fischer & Kerrn
CONCIERGE BOOKING SOFTWARE can be installed as a hosted solution on Fischer & Kerrn Microsoft Azure hosting environment. In this case, Fischer & Kerrn collect personal data and has direct access to personal data. The personal data that we may collect are:

  • Name and contact data: When signing up for CONCIERGE BOOKING SOFTWARE we may store name, email address and operating system.
  • Location data: We do not store your physical location when using our mobile app.
  • Use of cookies: We use cookies to store your preferences and settings.
  • Usage data: We collect data about how you and your device interact with our Software Products. This information is used to improve our products and to provide you with even better services. The usage data that we collect cannot be tracked to you personally.
  • Demographic data: We collect data about what country you are from and your preferred language.
  • Meeting data: We collect information about your resource bookings and the meetings you book in Microsoft Exchange and CONCIERGE BOOKING SOFTWARE. The information we collect is the name of meeting participants, meeting participants’ email addresses, meeting length, resource booked, catering and other services booked, and cost code information for invoicing.
  • Visitor data: We collect information about visitors that have been booked for a meeting and visitors that have been registered in CONCIERGE BOOKING SOFTWARE. The information we can collect is the name of the visitor, email address of the visitor, company, mobile number and car license plate number.

2.2 Information we collect from using our website
2.2.1 Visit on website
When you visit our websites you do not provide any personal information about yourself. When you submit a form on our website, we request that you provide personal information (usually name, email address, company name, telephone number, and country). This information is kept safe and is not sold or distributed to a third party. The personal information you provide on our website is used to provide you with a better service and more accurate information. We also obtain information from third parties such as Google Analytics and other companies to help us determine location and behavior.

2.2.2 Navigational information
When you visit our websites we collect data about your computer and your behavior. We collect information such as your IP address, geographical location, length of visit, pages viewed, browser type, operating system, and referral site. For information about what we use this information for please refer to section 4.4

2.2.3 Customer Portal
When you sign up to our customer portal we collect personal data such name, email address, company name, country and your personal username and log in code. This information is used to identify which pages you should have access to on the customer portal. The customer portal also contains information about your company, your support tickets and the set up you have with our Software Products.

2.2.4 Use of cookies
Our websites use cookies to save your preferences, password and other settings.

3.1 Personal information
In addition to uses described elsewhere in this Privacy Policy, we may use personal information to (a) Improve our Software Products; (b) Personalize our websites; (c) Send business related information and marketing information to you which we think has your interest, by post, email or other means and (d) Provide carefully selected software partners with basic personal information (name, email address, company and phone number) so you are able to use our Software Products in connection with our software partners’ products.

We also use personal information to respond to customer support requests and fulfill our business obligations towards our customers.

3.2 International transfer of information
To run our global operations we may transfer and access personal information between countries, including the United States. This Privacy Policy shall apply even if we transfer personal information to other countries.

3.3 Customer testimonials and comments
We publish customer testimonials and comments on our websites which may include personal information. Before publishing the testimonial or the comments we have received the customer’s consent.

3.4 Navigational information
We may use navigational information alone or in combination with personal information to send information about Fischer & Kerrn that we think are relevant to you.

3.5 Corporate changes
If we for some reason should be acquired by another company, that company shall receive all personal information gathered by Fischer & Kerrn. In this event, you will be notified on our websites and by email.

The Software Products hosted by Fischer & Kerrn is based on a Microsoft Azure platform. Microsoft Azure is a cloud platform that enables us to quickly build, deploy and manage services and applications across a global network of Microsoft-managed datacenters. (You can learn more about Azure at Personal data collected by Fischer & Kerrn may be stored and processed in your region, in the United States or in any other country where Microsoft Azure has data centers. Microsoft ( takes steps to ensure that the data Fischer & Kerrn collect under this privacy policy is processed according to the provisions of this policy and the requirements of applicable law wherever the data is located.

In Europe, we utilize the North Europe (Primary) and West Europe (Secondary) Azure regions. (Please see attached infrastructure document for details.) The service is fully managed by Fischer & Kerrn. Maintenance and updates are included in your subscription. In North America, we utilize East U.S. (Primary) and West U.S. (Secondary). Learn more about regions here.

All secondary data centers (West Europe and West U.S.) works as a storage and geographically redundant backup.

Because Fischer & Kerrn’s Software Products are based on a Microsoft Azure platform we leverage Microsoft’s compliance program. Microsoft and its U.S. subsidiaries state that they comply with the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework as set forth by the U.S. Department of Commerce.

Fischer & Kerrn use cookies and similar technologies to analyze trends, save passwords and track users’ movements around our websites.

5.1 Single sign-on
You can log on to our websites using single sign-on. We use a cookie for this. This single sign-on service will authenticate your identity and provide you with the option to share personal information such as your name and email address.

5.2 Advertising
We use cookies from third parties like Google and Hubspot to analyze your behavior on our websites and to present you with targeted advertising when you visit our websites and other websites.

5.3 How to control cookies
We use cookies on our websites to improve your experience, optimize performance and analyze user behavior for marketing and advertising reasons.
There are a variety of tools available for you to control, block and delete cookies. You have the right to decide whether to accept or reject cookies. You can also set or amend your web browser controls to accept or refuse cookies.
You can set your cookies preferences by clicking the links below:

For more information about how we use cookies on our websites, please read our cookie policy.

You have the right to review and access the personal information that Fischer & Kerrn obtain about you. You have the rights to:

  • Review the information we hold about you
  • Request corrections to any errors in the data that we obtain about you
  • Request that you shall be removed from any or all of our promotional email lists
  • Request that your information shall be deleted from our records

To do any of the above actions please contact us at