Why Conference Room Displays are important



We all know that feeling of something not being vital or important for a business. Conference room displays typically falls under that category. But if you stop and think about it, conference room displays does actually adds value to any organization.

In this blog post, we are going to argue that conference room displays are important – and much more than just flashy devices that doesn’t really have a purpose other than looking good.

Not all conference room displays are the same

It is essential that conference room displays present booking information in real time and that the information presented is right for your organization. The right booking information for company X is not necessarily the right information for your organization. You must be able to select what meeting information your conference room displays presents and how they present it.

The best conference room display solutions connect seamlessly with Microsoft Exchange or Office 365. They need to provide useful data on conference room utilization, no-shows and meetings in general.

Your conference room displays must be easy to manage and include central management tools. If you have more than 10 meeting rooms it becomes time consuming and difficult to see status of each devices. It can we overwhelming to manage firmware updates, room display links, and opening hours if it is done locally on each device. Your conference room displays should include a central management tool. This means that you can monitor your devices, push out new firmware, push out room display links, set opening hours (power up and power down times), and push out special messages to your employees.

Warranty period, LED ligths and user authentication is also important features you should consider when choosing your conference room display solution. User authentication via RFID cards or personal pin code will give you great tracking opportunities. They further ensure that employees only can check-in, prolong or end meetings that they are attending.

10 reasons why conference room displays makes a big difference

1. Increased productivity and easy room booking

You should always consider how you can increase productivity and make work life easier for your employees. Booking meeting rooms and scheduling meetings is definitely areas where there are room for improvement.

Conference room scheduling is usually a time consuming task. It is not unusual for the meeting participants to walk into the wrong meeting room. This happens because no one knows which meeting room was booked. Conference room displays will provide immediate information about availability and who has booked the room during the day.

Ad-hoc meetings happens all the time and finding an available room here and now can be very difficult. Many meeting rooms are probably occupied and even those rooms that are empty might be booked. Unless you are sitting in front of your laptop you can not know for sure. Conference room displays, but also a mobile booking app, cater for a more flexible work environment because it becomes easy to find available meeting rooms and book ad-hoc meetings. A feature to point out here is meeting room displays with LED lights. These displays provide clear information about room availability from a distance, making it even easier to find an available meeting room for your ad-hoc meeting.

2. Eliminate room sharking

Room sharking occurs when someone is looking for a conference room for their ad-hoc meeting and simply walks in to a room which looks free, but really isn’t. When the person who has actually booked the room shows up there is an awkward moment while the room sharker graps his/hers things and leaves the room. This scenario is not only awkward, it creates an unproductive work environment, where colleagues have unnecessary conflicts over the meeting rooms.

Smart office solutions or modern workplace tools are interconnected. With your conference room displays is integrated with your Microsoft Exchange you can get important booking data to your smart office booking software. Conference room displays eliminates the room sharking problem because no one needs to walk in to meeting room without booking it. Ad-hoc meetings can easily be booked from the room displays.

3. Eliminate ghost meetings

Conference rooms that appear as booked, but in reality no one is using them. This is referred to as ghost meetings, and it is one the biggest reasons why conference rooms have a poor utilization. If there where no ghost meetings, scheduling meetings and booking conference rooms would be much easier and less time consuming.

With the right conference room displays you can eliminate ghost meeting. The best conference room displays provides a flexible check-in or confirm booking feature where you can set up when check-in to a meeting is needed. If no one checks-in from the meeting room screen or from a mobil booking app, the conference room will be freed for others to book.

No-shows can even be tracked so you can take action on those employees who does not show up for their meetings.

4. Improve meeting room utilization

Conference room scheduling in Standard Microsoft Outlook is generally not flexible. You do not have any way of releasing, prolonging or ending your booking if you are not sitting at your desk. That is why room sharking and ghost meetings are such a common phenomenon.

Conference room displays provide a very flexible work environment, allowing you to book ad-hoc meetings and easily prolong or end your meeting. This optimizes the utilization and makes it easier to allocate available meeting rooms. A mobile booking app also provides easy ad-hoc room booking. Just like it should be possible to check-in to your meeting or release your bookings that you know are not going to take place.

All the above will optimize the room usage and create a flexible work environment.

5. Check availability on all rooms

Imagine that you walk down the meeting corridor and all conference rooms are booked. You need a conference room for an ad-hoc meeting, what do you do?

From any given conference room display you can check availability of all your rooms. The conference room displays allow you to look for available rooms on another floor or another area of the office. You can even walk up to any conference room display, find an available room on another floor and book that conference room from the room display you are standing in front. That is flexibility when it is best!

Another very good solution to checking room availability is wayfinding monitors or meeting overview monitors. These display meeting information from all your meeting rooms.

6. The value of branding – customized layouts

Why not use your conference room displays as a corporate branding tool? Conference room displays, meeting overview monitors and your visitor management software can all be used to communicate your visual identity. This is a great way to market your solutions to employees and visitors.

A customized layout for your conference room display will provide a one of a kind unique solution.

 7. Understand your workplace – the importance of data

Having the right data available is a key factor! Make the shift and make decisions based on data instead of gut feeling. Your conference room displays and your smart office booking software can provide you with the data you need. It gives information about how your office space is being used. The right booking software allows you to take out reports and statistics on important information. This can e.g. be information about the most popular meeting room types, the average size of meetings, occupancy rates, ghost meetings, and visitors in the building. The right data helps you understand your need for square feet, number of rooms and desks. As a result this tells you how you should design and equip your office space.

8. The importance of a modern workplace

A modern office environment with brilliant smart office solution will produce an attractive office space for your current and future employees. Nowadays salary and flexible work hours is simply not enough to attract and retain talent. Most employees want more. They are also looking for a modern and inspiring work environment with innovative office software tools. Your conference room displays are an important part of your innovative office space.

9. Meeting information monitors

Some conference room display solutions also include display software for showing meeting information on large display monitors. The overview screens are very useful to greet visitors and to show meeting information and wayfinding to your employees and visitors.

The meeting overview monitors can guide visitors and employees in the right direction and free up time for the reception staff. The meeting information monitors will provide all employees with an immediate overview of availability of all conference rooms.

10. See equipment in the rooms and report errors

You can probably relate to this scenario; You have booked a conference room which you know have a projector, but when you are about to set up for your meeting, you find out that the projector is not working? What do you do? Why was that not displayed anywhere?

Your conference room displays and your mobile booking app can show what the room is equipped with and what the status are of the build in equipment. If broken equipment haven’t been reported, you can easily do it from your mobile booking app or from the conference room display Error reporting from conference room screens are an easy and elegant solution to a problem that can delay meetings and frustrate meeting participants.

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