Concierge Booking Software

Room, Resource and Meeting Booking Software

Manage and analyze your workplace, conference rooms and catering facilities. Booking software for Microsoft Outlook.

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Digital Display

Beautiful Conference Room Displays

Optimize the room booking, check-in using RFID cards and track no-shows.

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Visitor Management

Professional Visitor Management Software

Save staff time, optimize security, print visitor cards and much more with our Guest registration software.

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Email Signature Management

Control and manage email signatures on Microsoft Outlook, on webmail and on mobile devices.

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The complete meeting room, work space and event booking software for Microsoft Outlook, mobile devices and web browsers.


The complete email signature management software. Control and manage the employees’ email signatures on Microsoft Outlook, on webmail and on mobile devices.


Team based email communication in Microsoft Outlook. Share email communication among teams and see whom answers and what has been answered.

About Fischer & Kerrn

Fischer & Kerrn A/S develops market leading software products for Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange. Our main focus is meeting room booking and workplace optimization which is handled with our unique booking software CONCIERGE BOOKING.

CONCIERGE BOOKING is used by more than 250 organizations worldwide and the product is well known for its unique architecture and clean integration into Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange.